Floyd Mayweather Offers To Pay For Joe Frazier’s Funeral

November 8, 2011 1

joe-frazier-ali-fl_2049189b Floyd Mayweather Offers To Pay For Joe Frazier's Funeral

As fans know, boxing legend “Smokin'” Joe Frazier passed away a short time ago. The 67 year old lost his brave battle with liver cancer and is now at peace. Literally anybody who is anybody amongst the boxing fraternity has been paying tribute to the former heavyweight king.

Everyone, from Muhammad Ali to Lennox Lewis, from Bernard Hopkins to Larry Holmes, from Larry Merchant to Frank Warren has felt the need to say a few words about the fallen warrior.

Perhaps one of the most moving gestures has come from modern day superstar Floyd Mayweather, however. The sometimes controversial great has announced how he and Team Mayweather will pay for Joe’s funeral services. As was the case when he quietly paid for Genaro Hernandez’ funeral a short time back, Floyd has shown his caring, compassionate side.

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