NFL: Cris Carter Rips Chad Ochocinco

April 28, 2011 0

carter-espn NFL: Cris Carter Rips Chad Ochocinco

Former NFL receiver and current ESPN analyst Cris Carter is the latest commentator to weigh in on Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco, ripping him after saying he’s on the way out in Cincinnati because Marvin Lewis hurt his feelings.

“I’m sick of Chad, I’m sick of hearing from him, I’m sick of hearing what he’s going to do,” Carter said. “”Chad, he’s definitely going to end up on someone else’s team if I’m calling the shots.”

Carter said he believes the Bengals should get rid of both Ochocinco and quarterback Carson Palmer, but he said in Palmer’s case the reason to get rid of him is to do a distinguished veteran a favor.

“I’m definitely making a deal getting them both out of town,” Carter said. “Carson, who’s probably been the marquee as far as image, what to say, doing all the right stuff, he’s gotten a bad deal being stuck in Cincinnati. So I try to help a player out like this, I ship him somewhere where he would like to be.”



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