Peanut Live 215 Episode 12 (Peanut Getting Tatted By Scorp Da Boy & Anime Moe) (Video)

January 17, 2012 5

Peanut gets tatted by Scorp Da Boy & Anime Moe. Peanut also smokes with Scorp and he wears the gas mask.

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  • TopOftheBLOCK

    ThIs is the funniest one yet. I love this Peanut Live shit! and y’all got my man Scorp on there. Weed out

  • Landsdown Lonny

    Damn!!! Shorty tatted the fuck up!

  • Minaj4life

    I tried to get a tat from Scorp and could of bagged him, if that girl wasn’t there. She was blockin. But I think that’s his girlfriend, so cudhem to them.

  • Minaj4life

    Kudos to them I mean =)

  • @AshDCash

    this video is crazy funny…
    “I can hold the L”
    #RealPuppetShit tat hilarious