Dee-1 Talks “Free Lunch And Sallie Mae”, 3’s Up, His new film “Mall Dogs” & More (Video)

July 13, 2014 0

Recently while in Los Angles, HHS1987 caught up with New Orleans hip-hop artist Dee-1 live from the Popular Demand store on Fairfax to discuss his new project “Free Lunch And Sallie Mae” and more.

Having recently signed with RCA, Dee-1 informed us that on the concept of his project “Free Lunch And Sallie Mae”. “I put this mixtape out because most of the folks I know grow up eating free lunch in school or getting to college and needing Sallie Mae”. With Dee-1 finishing college and becoming a teacher before rap, he wanted to return to his roots.

When we asked what else Dee- 1 had up his sleeve this year, he dropped a hint about his first single “Against Us” featuring Chicago native Lupe Fiasco from his upcoming album which will drop later this fall. He also informed us of another side to Dee -1. With his music taking off, Dee-1 is venturing into the movie world and his new film “Mall Dog” is set to drop this fall.

Dee- 1 uses his music to express his cultural views as well as his political views so it was only right that we spoke on those issues. Having originally met Dee-1 working with a political non-profit (The League of Young Voters), we spoke about the importance of understanding you environment and having a positive message to teach the youth and people who are watching. We spoke about the importance of finding personal happiness in route to earning success.

The interview was conducted by HHS1987’s Eldorado. The interview was shot by Brian Da Director.

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