A REAL Fight Night: Migos Jump In The Crowd & Start A Brawl At Show In Springfield, MA (Video)

October 18, 2014 0

Offset jumped in the crowd & hit a fan with a left.. Superman followed up & hit another with the right.. FIGHT NIGHT!

Migos performed alongside Bobby Shmurda & others at a recent show in Springfield, MA. During Migos set, Offset was apparently triggered & abruptly jumped in the crowd & Superman punched someone in the audience which inevitably caused a slight brawl. This didn’t lead to the show being ended, however. Those that were on stage kept on rocking the mic & after the fight, Migos continued on with their show. The reason the fight started in the first place is still unknown.

Migos had a brawl with fans last month at their Nashville, TN show after someone in the audience tried to snatch one of the members chains. I guess thats just showbiz..

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