Chox-Mak: (Cross Colours And Starter Jackets) “Writin’ Rhymes” (Vlog)

March 3, 2014 0

Up and comer Chox-Mak feels like it is always a great idea to give back to “The Choxen Ones” in many different ways. He feels like gaining a great relationship with his fans will always keep them informed with all he has going on. In his latest vlog “Writin’ Rhymes” he gives everyone a perspective of how he actually writes and breaks down music into an art-form. Chox-Mak is very passionate about his craft and will record a track over and over until he feels that it is right for the public. Chox once said himself that he doesn’t know how he breaks down music “The Beat Just Speaks To Him”. With that being said he feels like his gift is a blessing from GOD. Chox-Mak is definitely on the come up so look forward to seeing more vlogs and material coming from the Jacksonville, NC native. “Cross Colours And Starter Jackets” is scheduled to drop in a couple months after his next full project “Balance” which is dropping late March.

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