Jahlil Beats & CRMC Preview ‘Legend Dynasty’ Mixtape (Video)

August 29, 2014 1

jahlil-beats-crmc-preview-legend-dynasty-mixtape-video-HHS1987-2014 Jahlil Beats & CRMC Preview 'Legend Dynasty' Mixtape (Video)

Our cameras recently caught up with Jahlil Beats and CRMC the duo of Barzy King & Fats who Jahlil has hand picked to lead Hip-Hop from his hometown of Chester, PA into the future.

After breaking down what to expect from their ‘Legend Dynasty’ project with our very own Rick Dange, CRMC played a number of tracks from the mixtape exclusively for us.

They kicked things off with “Caught A Body, Beat A Body”, a tough-talking goon anthem made for the streets and followed it up with the smooth and radio ready “Vintage Music”. Finally, they previewed “God Damn”, a club banger that’s sure to get crowds moving.

DOWNLOAD: Jahlil Beats & CRMC – Legend Dynasty (Mixtape)

Check out our exclusive sit-down with Jahlil Beats and CRMC below.

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