Booger McFarland Talks LSU vs. Alabama, the 2016 College Football Playoff Ranking, Prescott vs. Wentz & More with HHS1987 (Video)

November 4, 2016 1


On Tuesday evening, ESPN hosted a private 2016 College Football Playoff Ranking watch event here in Atlanta and several of ESPN’s media personalities and sports tastemakers in the Southern region were in attendance to watch and discuss the committees first college football rankings of the year.

During the night, we caught up with ESPN’ analyst/ 2x Super Bowl Booger McFarland to discuss the top 4 teams in the first  College Football Playoff Ranking, his potential sleeper teams, his 2016 Heisman watch and more. Booger McFarland who us known now for his commentary on ESPN’s Mike & Mike and during College Football Live, played in the NFL from 1999-2007 so we spoke to him about two of the hottest young guns in the league. Booger McFarland discussed the success of NFL rookies quarterbacks Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz as well as his 2017 Super Bowl 51 predictions.

Before wrapping up out interview we spoke with Booger McFarland on his alum mater LSU’s big SEC matchup against Alabama this weekend. LSU has been rolling later and with Alabama currently ranked number 1 in the country, a LSU upset would shake up the rankings. Booger McFarland gave us some insight on the matchup and the keys to success for a potential LSU upset.

The interview was conducted by Terrell Thomas (Eldorado). The interview was shot by Danny Digital.

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  • Ciara Monet

    I loved the multimedia elements included in this article. Being able to interviewer such a seasoned analyst you were able to get good responses to your in depth questions. I was excited to her McFarland speak about the LSU game against Alabama and how Evans can take advantage against Alabama’s defense.