Gucci Mane Talks The Rebirth Of His Career, Addiction, Music & More On ESPN’s Highly Questionable (Video)

January 7, 2017 0

gucci-mane-talks-the-rebirth-of-his-career-addiction-music-more-on-espns-highly-questionable-video.jpg Dan Le Batard, Papi and Bomani Jones’ hit show Highly Questionable on ESPN has become famous for having rappers and urban entertainers on their show and Friday afternoon they invited East Atlanta Santa on set. Friday afternoon, Hip-Hop icon Gucci Mane was a guest on Highly Questionable and he spoke with Dan Le Batard, Papi and Bomani Jones on his past, present and future. Gucci Mane spoke on his time in jail, ten years of paranoia, addiction, his music and more. Gucci Mane also highlighted his love for jewelry and the inspiration for his famous Bart Simpson chain.

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Gucci Mane Interview begins at the (6 minute mark in the video)

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