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The Introduction Of Mike Philson [Video]

@BWyche March 8, 2011 2

When you think of Harvard, you think of great Political figures, Litigators, Doctors, and Business folks. However, when you first take a glimpse of Mike Philson, it’s hard to tell that this artist had

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The Relief Of Chic Raw [Interview]

@BWyche March 8, 2011 0

In 2003, Chic Raw’s first mixtape, Shots For The Streets debuted, and gained great success on the streets of Philadelphia for his firm rap sound regarding to his struggles and pain. Raised in “The

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Twerk Team – Candy (Video)

@BWyche November 19, 2010 0

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The Dream – Panties To The Side [Album Trailer]

@BWyche June 29, 2010 0

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Tony Roberts – Lil Wayne Makes No Sense (Stand Up Comedy)

@BWyche May 9, 2010 0

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Burger King Whopper Commercial Gone Bad

@BWyche January 16, 2008 0

Warning: If you listen at work, put your headphones on or turn the speakers low, cause there is a lot of cussing. A comedian and some folks did their own version of the Whopper

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