September 2, 2019 0

image0-2-410x500 DÀVIDBĒNDÁVID - KYOTO KU$H ft ASIAN DOLL (Official Anime Video)

In the world of fashion and apparel, there is a very recognized name that has become synonymous with success. DÀVIDBĒNDÁVID of Sprayground has been wowing the world with an array of Dope Boy Fresh Backpacks and Apparel that have been defining culture since the company’s humble beginnings back in 2010. With Collabs ranging from Spongebob all the way to the NBA it’s no secret that the staying power of the company is pretty much engrave in stone and that same hustle that got him there is sure to be evident in his music as well. His new single KYOTO KU$H featuring Asian Doll is an interesting vibe, with the Sprayground creators bar work being as care free as his design work is a sure move to get anyone who’s about the paper motivated. Couple that with the sexy Miss Asian Doll and the rest is really history. Check the video out below shot in Japan which features some sick anime (Adult Swim Vibes) which is some must see imagery in my book !!!

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