A Look at Passion, Struggle & Triumph With Musician Brandon Delgado

November 25, 2021 0

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Brandon Delgado is one of the most popular rising musicians, and he has been able to accumulate an astounding 500,000 listeners on Spotify and Apple Music in a very short time. Brandon’s musical philosophy is unique and sets him apart from almost everyone else in the music industry.


He wants to make music to touch people’s hearts and to make them feel good. Growing up in Texas, Brandon lived a very simple life and did not have much. He knows what it is to struggle, and he wanted to make music for people who could be struggling with anything in life and that for those few minutes while they listen to his music, the world is okay.


The music industry is a tough and challenging place, and it’s hard to survive there. People hardly ever make it, and for those that do, the next step is staying relevant, which is, again, extremely hard. This is because the fluctuation in demands and trends is extremely high. You can only keep up with all of these things yet still make music if you’re passionate about it from the heart.


While attending college, Brandon felt that it wasn’t for him. He wanted to make a change in people’s lives, and he thought he wouldn’t be able to do it through college. Brandon also felt that the scholarship he was on could be given to someone more deserving.


Due to this, he went over and handed his scholarship back and asked for it to be given to someone else. After dropping out, Brandon had no money, nor did he have a job. After being homeless for 3 days, he found a friend who let him crash on his couch.


While things were not ideal, Brandon had to start somewhere. He found a job in a nearby restaurant and started making some money. After the first month, he bought a used old computer that was enough to get him started. Brandon started making music and writing songs. He would upload his music on different social media platforms, expecting something to happen, but it took a while. 6 months went by, and Brandon saw no sight of success, but deep down in his heart, he knew it was coming.


Not long after that, Brandon was picked up by a record company and flown to Los Angeles. He was asked to make an album featuring 12 songs, and he thought he was given very little to make this happen. However, he did it, and since then, Brandon has been rising as a musician. He was successful with his first album as it surpassed all expectations.


The studio not only gave him a permanent contract but also a $200,000 bonus. As of today, he lives in a house he recently bought, and his Spotify and Apple Music both have accumulated an impressive 500,000 followers.


Brandon’s story shows what people can do if they put their mind to it and have incredible passion. He plans to expand his work, travel more, and play festivals and concerts, where he can deliver incredible performances and make memories along the way.

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