Amaru Son Is Taking His Shot At The Music Industry

October 20, 2021 0

5E243369-B7AD-4295-9100-E75468062DF3-332x500 Amaru Son Is Taking His Shot At The Music Industry

Amaru Son has been on a mission ever since he got fired from his job at Planet Fitness. The artist has racked up impressive streaming numbers operating as an independent artist.


Inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson and Lil Wayne, Amaru Son has been crafting his own unique sound. The hip-hop artist and engineer mixes his own music, sometimes even producing his own tracks if the time is right.


Amaru Son caught fire quickly in 2019 with his release ‘Lost and Found.’ The singer’s unique lyric choices, melodic vocals, and interesting flows over 808s appealed to the masses. The song has amassed over 3.7 million streams to date on Spotify alone. The artist has shown promise since consistently releasing new music every couple of months.


Amaru Son opened up 2021 with ‘Private Jet’, his collaboration with Ugly God. He recently followed up the collaboration track with ‘MiNi VaN’, a new type of vibe with fellow artist/producer Koshi.


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