Artist Drawn To The Sky is Raising The Bar With New Single “Dopamine Death Dream”

October 20, 2021 0

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Dustin Gill, aka Drawn To The Sky, is a young star in the making and has ambitions of being one of the top artists in the music industry today. Growing up in a small town where he was isolated from a lot of people, Drawn To The Sky took his free time to explore different hobbies and things that piqued his interest, one of which was playing the guitar. After playing for a few years, he switched his focus from music to school and track as he went off to college, but he always felt like something was missing. He decided to end his college track career and pursue a full-time career as a musician while wrapping up his degree, and the rest is history.


Now eager to make waves in the industry, Drawn To The Sky has done a great job laying the groundwork for his career and is now ready to take it up a notch. Recently he released a new single titled “Dopamine Death Dream” that showcases his skills and makes it apparent that he is raising the bar for himself. As he taps into his emotional side and speaks on the subject of dopamine release in various life situations, it becomes clear that Drawn To The Sky has the talent to take his career all the way. He paints an image with his words and helps his listeners tap into their emotions as well. This combo of deep emotional connection and pure musical talent is a recipe for success, and Drawn To The Sky is cooking as his career progresses.


Dopamine Death Dream” is a hit and will surely withstand the test of time regardless of how long it’s been. His fans have shown him endless amounts of love since the drop, and anticipation builds as they fiend for more from their favorite artist. Make sure you keep an eye on Drawn To The Sky. Before you know it, he’ll be at the top sitting amongst the best in music today.


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