Chris Arvan’s Journey of Music and Art

November 26, 2021 0

01CCD689-F155-4B59-974B-115D1626429C-496x500 Chris Arvan’s Journey of Music and Art

Being an artist mostly means that you do something that falls under the art umbrella.

You can paint, make music, act, or anything else. However, most of the time, these traits tend to be seen as different. This is exactly what artist and musician Chris Arvan is planning to change. Chris wants to erase the boundaries between music and art and bring them together. However, his journey and story are far from just this. 


While in his late 20s, Chris was a heroin addict, which almost led him to his death. Right after his 30th birthday, Chris decided to get sober. He knew there was more in store for him, and he wanted more from life. He has been sober for an incredible 22 years now. However, the challenges and difficult moments did not end there for Chris. In 2017, he suddenly lost most of his hearing in his left ear, followed by his right ear. It was then he realized that he might stay deaf for the rest of his life. 


Chris was diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss, diplacusis, and hyperacusis with no further explanation provided by the doctors. Life had indeed taken a turn for Chris, and at this stage, many people would think of giving up. 


However, he carried on. During this time, Chris started taking an interest in art, and he put effort into building a company that he had earlier started with his parents. The passion in him for his art and his determination kept him going. In 2018, Chris started to see some success from his hyperbaric treatments and noticed improvements in his hearing. There was now a light at the end of the tunnel for Chris.


As his hearing started to improve, Chris went back to music and made an entire catalog of new tracks. Some incredible achievements followed: he composed the music for the official trailer for 1917, an Oscar-nominated film. During this time, he started taking an interest in NFTs and started working on virtual art. Chris sees NFTs as the future of art. In June 2021, Chris’s artwork was featured in an exhibition at the Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Florida. 


Looking back, Chris sees his hearing loss as an enriching experience in his life. He says that if he hadn’t lost his hearing, he would not have entered the world of art and probably wouldn’t have taken an interest in NFTs.


When talking about failure and tough moments, there’s a lot someone can learn from Chris. He wants everyone to know that they should see failure as an important step to success. It can be the time to create something new. He also wants people to know that there are no shortcuts and that to achieve true success, one must walk through the dirt. Chris talks about his plans in 10 years, and he wants to be doing physical installations with his own audio-visual artwork, and he hopes to sell them for millions. 


For people going through tough times, there is hope. Chris is an example of how hard work and pure determination can change your life. He is also an example of adapting to the situation and never giving up. 

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