Gogetta80 Shines On “Star Status”

November 23, 2021 0

88F638A9-10E8-4974-8FC6-C61F71638102-375x500 Gogetta80 Shines On “Star Status”

You can’t talk about the new wave of South Florida without mentioning Gogetta80. Gogetta80 has been silently making moves in the music industry, but his results are loud. Gogetta80 really shows us how far his range of sound goes and also makes sure to flex.

The way Gogetta80 plays with words is sick. Hip Hop is making a return and Gogetta80 is ahead of the curve in a major way. This time around, he’s a little more serious but still gives that animated delivery. You never know what he might say in the next line. The production he picks out continues to blow me away. These smooth melodies paired with drill-type production are surely unique, and never before seen from a Florida rapper. We’re excited to see where he takes his sound next.

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