How 99 Rus is Making a Name For Himself In Hip-Hop

November 25, 2021 0

5BF30537-955B-4D73-B272-4A140F03AE9D-376x500 How 99 Rus is Making a Name For Himself In Hip-Hop

99 Rus has always been certain that a music career was all he wanted to pursue. He was intrigued by the music’s power to influence and impact change in society and the luxurious lifestyle awarded to some of the most accomplished artists. Besides, a 9-5 job was never in his thoughts. All he wanted was a career that would allow him to live his ideal lifestyle while making his dream a reality.

99 Rus was showing great passion and potential to be someone great in the music industry. He was always fascinated with the hip-hop sound. He loved the freestyle nature of rap music and the ability to express himself as an artist. 99 Rus says that hip-hop presented him with a precise image of what he wanted to do in music. An artist can address various societal issues while still giving his fans something thrilling and electrifying.

In addition, 99 Rus also showed great music writing skills, with unparalleled lyricism. Throughout his school years, Rus 99 would write and perform his songs for his friends who were always intrigued by his lyrics and rhythms. His rap skills were on point, and even much better than some of the mainstream rappers. This solid hip-hop foundation has prepared him for the success he is now experiencing as his fan base continues to grow.

Although he obviously had the talent and skills to make his music, identifying a unique sound that would establish himself in the industry was a major challenge. He wanted to come up with a style that was captivating, which would differentiate him from the rest of the newbie artists in the industry.

After months of continued hard work and self-evaluation, 99 Rus settled on a unique blend of trap and traditional sounds. His inspiration came from the desire to keep the traditional hip-hop sound while still giving his fans a taste of the thrilling trap. 99 Rus has since perfected his craft and has established himself as one of the most versatile rappers. He sometimes likes to stretch beyond his limits and give his fans a different taste of his craft.

99 Rus now believes that the sky’s the limit to what he can achieve. He wants to continually innovate his craft and strategically position himself for more success. The highly passionate rapper believes in positivity to be a major driving factor in overcoming the many challenges he has faced. To him, nothing is impossible provided you are willing to work hard and keep your eyes and your mind on your dreams.

He advises all young artists to invest more in authenticity to increase their chances of impacting change in the industry; 99 Rus argues that everyone can find success if you don’t give in to small failures but learn from your mistakes. The significant difference lies in how you present your talent. He believes in originality above everything else, especially in the hip-hop industry where many new artists are emerging every day.

99 Rus has a dream to perform on the international stage and expand his audience. He also has a dream to one day establish a record label to help keep his legacy alive.

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