An Exclusive Interview With Talented Singer Andrew Arteaga

November 25, 2021 0

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Music is something that exists in everyone’s lives. It helps transform the place we’re in or simply take us back to a moment in time. It’s a form of art that’s been around for centuries and will continue to stay around for longer. The people that give life and a soul to music are musicians.


Among these talented people is Bryan Michael, who joined the music industry after facing many hardships in life. However, even after everything he has gone through, Bryan has come out stronger. He is currently dominating the Chicago space.


To start with, not everyone is lucky to have the perfect childhood, and neither was Bryan. Around the time when he was 17, Bryan’s father lost his job. To make matters worse, his mother got ill. Illness and unemployment are among the biggest setbacks in life, and Bryan experienced them both simultaneously.


What made him different was that he did not let it get to him nor let those setbacks define him. Instead, he learned a lesson and got back on his feet. He knew he needed to do something. Bryantook a lot of interest in SEO even while at school. To battle the difficult times, he ended up getting a marketing job for a local bar, which did not turn out as well as he hoped. This was followed by more years of hard work until, finally, things started to turn around for Bryan.


He entered the music industry, where his passions truly started to come to life. Bryan started dropping one song after another, and they were very influential. Some of his songs include “Yahoo Boy,” “Kamil,” “Kishmel,” “Chicago O.G.s,” “194 Chicago Exotic,” and “Hubbard Inn Online.” He has also made it to Spotify, where all his music is available. Other career milestones include collaborating with major artists such as French Montana, Lil Pump, Saint John, 50 Cent, MGK, and others.


As mentioned, achieving this success was no easy task. Bryan had to go through a difficult time when he was young and then an even harder time figuring out what to do. Now he looks back and mentions that not being open to new ideas and innovation was something he struggled with most. When talking about wisdom, he says to never say no to new opportunities. Bryan says that you should always take the meeting, understand what’s happening and only then make up your mind.


According to Bryan, the few main traits that you should always have are creativity, focus, discipline, and commitment. While they might sound pretty straightforward, each of these quantities is difficult to achieve. However, if you can master all of them, you will be good to go. Finally, Bryan also wants people to invest their time, energy, and money into whatever they’re doing. Anything less, and you will not achieve what you’re looking for.


When looking at the future, Bryan’s goal is rather simple but challenging. He wants to continue his work and become one of the top artists in the country. Bryan’s goal is indeed ambitious; however, he has faith in himself to achieve it, just like he has achieved everything so far.

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