Lily Jay Is Paving The Way For Women In Modern-Day Rock Music

December 15, 2021 0

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Many people today say that the sun set on rock music decades ago as the masses’ taste has favored hip-hop music in recent years. There are countless bands today that count themselves as part of the rock genre, but many critics are doubtful about their claims. Others say that rock music has revolutionized in a way that makes comparing modern-day rock to the classic rock hits almost nonsensical.

With this lack of authentic identity among rock musicians, it has become very challenging for emerging artists to make a difference in the music industry. Women, in particular, have struggled to make themselves known in mainstream rock music, especially when they choose to go solo. Most female rockers of today are linked with bands, with Amy Lee of Evanescence and Hayley Williams of Paramore as examples.

One solo female act who’s looking to make a major change in the rock music landscape is 22-year-old Lily Jay from Grand Forks, North Dakota. Lily grew up listening to a variety of music, and she cites Karen Carpenter as her earliest musical influence. However, it was Janis Joplin who convinced her to pursue rock as she admired the free-spiritedness of the late music icon.

Most people who hear Lily Jay’s voice compare her to Alanis Morissette, who happens to be one of her favorite singers, too. While her peers were mostly glued to the music of Ariana Grande and Drake, Lily listened to the music of the early 2000s and beyond. This is how she discovered her passion for rock music, and later on, became inspired to write her own songs and share them online.

Alanis Morisette’s award-winning album Jagged Little Pill greatly influenced Lily Jay’s music, as seen in most of her song’s style. By the mid-2010s, she found the courage to share her music online, and the overwhelming support she received boosted her confidence. Lily was even called by some music fans the “Future of Female Rock Music” as she’s one of the very few to pursue this lane.

Lily Jay was getting considerable attention on YouTube, but it was when she joined TikTok that her online presence grew stronger. In a short period, she has gotten hundreds of thousands of followers, while her videos, including her short covers, have millions of views. Lily’s success in TikTok was carried over to other platforms like Instagram, where her followers count also multiplied in just a few months.

Today, Lily has inspired thousands of female rockers worldwide through her boldness in traversing the industry mostly dominated by men. She has received numerous offers from various recording labels both in and out of the U.S., but she hasn’t disclosed any sealed deals yet. This makes her fans more excited as they can’t wait for her to release her first album, which could be composed of mostly original tracks.

Lily Jay is proof that talent knows no gender as one remains truly passionate about a certain craft. She grew up loving music, and she made a career out of it many years later. This is a dream for most people: that they live their passion and fill every void in their life with it. Lily is slowly carving a path for other female rockers, which means the world will see more females in the genre in the coming years.

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