Meet Auggie Velarde, A Rising Peruvian-American Singer-Songwriter

October 14, 2021 0

5EFB2C93-BA98-4E96-ABE1-4E2B8FE5BB49-375x500 Meet Auggie Velarde, A Rising Peruvian-American Singer-Songwriter

Auggie Velarde is a fast-rising talent in the American music scene. The Peruvian-American songwriter and singer has gradually been cementing his position in the industry, and he’s ready to take over. Auggie Velarde has been in the industry for a while, learning and honing his craft. His innate music talent has earned him numerous awards, including the prestigious TUMI USA award in 2018. He also emerged as the winner of the Summer League Final Tournament in 2019 and the Château Éphémère and Groover’s ”From Bed Production to Stage” Electronic Music Residency Program in 2020.

Auggie Velarde’s music brilliance and dedication to the craft have also been honored as he appeared as the cover for two prominent music brands. He was featured as the cover of TIDAL’s “Trap del Sur” editorial playlist and SoundCloud’s home page as Selected Artist for LatinX. These are just part of the many music accolades this sensational young singer has received in his music career. His success in the American music scene has also been an inspiration to the future generation of Peruvian artists seeking to make it big on international stages. He has also dedicated a career to pave the way for other immigrants in the US who want to find success in the industry.

Auggie Velarde was able to get his music career started while still remaining dedicated to his studies. He believes that while committing to your education is important, there are many unique ways to live your life. It’s an inspiring thing to be able to pave your own path towards your dreams. Auggie hopes people can turn their focus on what they truly love in life, instead of limiting themselves to what is expected of them. He finds it necessary that parents learn to identify their kid’s talents and unique abilities at a young age and guide and motivate them.

Auggie Velarde believes you have to find what drives your purpose, and go for it with your whole being. To him, it’s essential that you keep pursuing your goals even when no one seems to support them. The key is never to give up, no matter the obstacles that come your way. Auggie encourages people to stay resilient through adversities and dedicated to their dream.

“Even if the people around you may not understand what you are doing, it’s possible for you to find those that do. Don’t give up on something you love and makes you happy. We get one time to experience the journey that is life, so we should stay true to ourselves and enjoy our moments on this planet,” says Auggie Velarde.

This rising artist aspires to continue building his music brand while inspiring and motivating others to find their success in the industry.

“I want to do what I love and help others along the way. I hope I can eventually pave the way for a future generation of Peruvian artists and immigrant creators,” adds Auggie Velarde.

He is also looking forward to incorporating his unique and expansive taste in music to his new projects by hopefully collaborating with some of the prominent artists in the industry. To Auggie Velarde, this would become the source for a ton of innovative musical experiments with fresh sounds for music enthusiasts. You should definitely watch out for Auggie Velarde as he has other exciting projects coming up.

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