Meet Tarik, the LA-Based Artist Making His Mark on the Industry

November 25, 2021 0

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A career in the music industry is a highly coveted path by many. Hundreds of aspiring artists are trying their best to find success in the industry, but only a few get the opportunity to live the dream. This is largely because the music industry is a competitive sector. You need to possess more than just your innate music talent for you to find your path to the mainstream. Passion and dedication coupled with resilience have to be part of your top attributes because there will be many challenges and obstacles on your journey.

Making a mark in the industry can also be another challenging task, especially for an up-and-coming artist still trying to find their feet in the game. But Tarik is a super gifted music talent proving to have what it takes to succeed in the industry.

Tarik is a Canadian-born, Los Angeles-based artist, announcing his name in the industry. He is a skilled singer, songwriter, and actor with one of the coolest personalities in the game. Many know Tarik for his warm personality and desire to approach life from a positive angle. Tarik loves seeing life from a child-like point of view to create simplicity in his music.

As a result, his lyrics send listeners down a path of nostalgia to a time where love reigned supreme. He is an artist with an attitude that’s true to his core, and he’s somewhat of an anti-artist artist, which leaves his audience with nothing but the good stuff. Tarik also shares a passion for songwriting that keeps him up at night; he’s able to craft melodies that inspire you to travel to a world of simplicity.

Tarik draws his musical inspiration from some of the greatest artists to ever grace the industry, like the legendary Michael Jackson, Elton John, and George Michael. Those with a taste for current chart-topping artists like Ed Sheeran would also appreciate Tarik’s music. Again, Tarik does not typically listen to the latest hit or try to catch up to what’s trending. He creates his sound and builds a world for those that want to live in those moments.

Most of Tarik’s success in the industry comes from his personal accomplishments. This includes vast recognition among his listeners and his very nostalgic music. He creates space for people to return home and reminisce over simpler times. Tarik feels that it’s a big accomplishment to be there for people as they are there for him. He also draws from their experiences and intertwines them with his own to create a song that warms the heart.

“I learned the importance of expressing yourself, your truest self in your music. Listeners draw from your energy, so if you can visualize your emotions through your lyrics, you know something amazing is in the making. I also encourage you to find the right producer for you; it makes a world of difference in your work,” shares Tarik.

Tarik wants to continue writing songs that will encapsulate moments in time. He considers it more important than reaching the top 10 in a music chart. He’d like to continue making music that resonates with people and moves them.

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