Multi-Talented Musician LUSSO Is Rising to the Top of the Tech-House Scene

October 25, 2021 0

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LUSSO is a highly talented and fast-rising music star in the tech-house scene. He is a multi-talented artist who also doubles as a producer and DJ. He is gradually cementing his position at the top of the EDM sphere with the thrilling mixes he produces. LUSSO, formally known as Michael Vitarelli, is currently signed to the renowned Deep Roots Records and also Lift Off records, from where he serves the industry his magic.

The New York City-based house music producer takes pride in his four-year industry experience from which he has learned and perfected his art to become the person he is today. He began from the bottom with nothing much but a passion for house music. The Manhattan nightclub scene was the first to experience his musical touch, from where he also developed more love for the EDM sphere.

However, LUSSO was not yet a renowned name, so he Djs as a part-time activity, mostly describing it as a hobby. He was Mike, the businessman by day, and LUSSO, the super-producer by night, a routine that worked to his favor. This also helped him keep his dream for the industry alive while still building his business empire. Despite being a successful curator in the fast-growing NFT world, only a few recognize LUSSO for his business ventures.

But it’s LUSSO, the producer, that has placed him in the limelight. He has grown his love for house music into a career he dedicates most of his time. He has also risen to become one of the most sought-after house music producers for his unparalleled skills. The now renowned producer-DJ LUSSO enjoys over a million total streams on Spotify, with thousands of monthly streams on the platform. LUSSO was also recently featured on the “Dakiti” remix, a top house track highlighted on virus XM BPM.

Many house enthusiasts perhaps know him for his standalone projects that took over the airwaves, including the In The RoughEP on Tommie Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire Records “Trippin'” on Tommie Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire Records and “Rude Boy” on Tough Love’s Get Twisted Records. Most of these projects rose to dominate the charts, including trending on Beatport.  

As he continues to rise to more success in the industry, LUSSO points out the house genre as one of the toughest music sounds to break into. According to him, getting your music heard can be one of the most challenging tasks for an EDM producer, which sometimes makes many quit. You need more than talent to produce; you need a quality that will set you ahead of the competition.

LUSSO says he had to dig deep into his abilities alongside being consistent in delivering what the fans wanted. This included spending countless hours in the studio alongside emailing different people in the industry who helped him put out his music.

LUSSO also factors in widespread social media usage to be a great addition to the music scene. To him, artists need to leverage the different platforms to create networks that will help them grow their music careers.

His goal is to continue cementing his name in the industry and hopefully expand into the international space. LUSSO envisions himself scoring over 200K monthly streams in a dream he is certain to accomplish in the future.  

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