Music Producer Taylan Is Bringing One-of-a-Kind Music to His Listeners

December 3, 2021 0

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Starting with hardly 20 people in the club, most of whom were his friends, music producer Taylan now has over 25,000 listeners on Spotify every month. What is the unique element in Taylan’s music? And how does someone achieve this kind of success in a demanding industry such as music?


Music is a part of most people’s lives. It connects memories, places, and even other people. The art of making music is a sensitive one; small mistakes can ruin an entire song. Music has also changed a lot from period to period. Electronic music started becoming popular in the ‘90s, but it is now one of the most popular music genres and where Taylan’s talents come to life. 


Taylan’s love for making music, remixes, and mash-ups is not new. It goes back to his childhood, where he would make mash-ups of songs even without any proper equipment. Granted, he was his only fan at the time, but Taylan’s talents started to show from a very early age. This talent and passion have since guided him to become who he is today.


Taylan started to DJ at small parties in Los Angeles, and his experimentation, passion, and understanding grew further. He loved bands like Pet Shop Boys, New Order, OMD, and Camouflage. In the mid-‘90s, when electronic underground music started to emerge in Los Angeles, it didn’t instantly become popular. However, unlike most other people at the time, Taylan actually enjoyed it. Next up, he started to introduce this music to parties and events in Los Angeles, and the crowd did not seem in favor of it.


Finally, Taylan’s career started to pick up when a few club owners recognized his talent and gave him a spot to play on Monday nights, which were their slowest nights. Taylan took the opportunity knowing he had the potential to improve that. Even so, he only had about 20 people in the club on the first night, and most of them were his friends.


In just a few months, though, the line on the night he played was around the block. Taylan has been able to make electronic music in all forms of melodies such as crazy, sexy, elegant, and nostalgic. He recently signed with Steyoyoke Recordings and Space Tale Records for his upcoming track and he is also looking to collaborate with artists like Kamilo Sanclemente, Miss Monique, Mary Mesk, and Hannes Bieger.


When giving advice, Taylan says, “Live to dream! Don’t dream to live!” and that philosophy sums up his life, which is why he wants everyone else to learn it, too. Taylan has indeed been able to stick with his music through hard times when hardly anyone listened to it, to the point where he now has over 25,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.


Taylan looks forward to playing at major events and music festivals. He wants to sign with Purified Records or Armada Music, and he dreams of performing at Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival. If there’s anything Taylan’s story proves, it’s that hard work, determination, and the patience to get through it will always pay off, so he’s sure to reach his goals.

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