Truly Tekin’s “Can’t Stop It”

October 14, 2021 0

95096A1B-58D3-41A9-A7EC-329D17D28372-500x500 Truly Tekin’s “Can’t Stop It”

With the release of his new single “Can’t Stop It,” Truly Tekin has made a name for himself. The song became a huge hit almost immediately after its release. This new blockbuster hit song is going viral with rave reviews from fans of the genre. Since the release of his track “can’t Stop It,” Tekin has really been a music sensation.

Despite his background as a Miami-based tech investor, Truly Tekin has shown his supporters that he has a firm grasp of the music business. He released an EP this year, which had three tracks. Almost all of the songs on his EP are growing more and more popular. Because of his mixed ancestry, he’s able to make music that’s specifically tailored to his target market.

As a result, Truly Tekin worked closely with Rumor Records to ensure the quality of “Can’t Stop It.” To be honest, it was a collaborative effort between Tekin and Rumor Records to create such a memorable hook. When you consider how much more enjoyable the party is now as a result of the inclusion of this song, their efforts are clearly visible.

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