Against all odds- DJ Allen is the DJ you need to know about:

May 4, 2022 0

WhatsApp-Image-2022-05-04-at-11.11.30-AM-281x500 Against all odds- DJ Allen is the DJ you need to know about:


“Where there is a will there is a way”. One of the oldest proverbs known to mankind, it is quite amazing how there are new examples for it every day. Today we introduce DJ Allen a DJ from Romania who has once again made the proverb come true with the determination and sincerity he has shown as an artist.

While many may know DJ Allen for his hit single Macarena with Antonio Pican, DJ Allen has also made several other contributions in his role as a DJ. For example, he has worked with some of the top artists such as BIBI, INNA, Antonia, and as mentioned earlier, Antonio Pican. A major fact that many forget is that the music industry just like many others, where creative talent is measured, is a circular system. By working with good artists and showcasing your capacities today, one can then receive the opportunity to move on to bigger and better projects which will once again catapult you to a larger audience base and bring greater recognition in the industry. Although it has been a difficult ride from the bottom to the top DJ Allen has always chosen to put his best foot forward rather than backing away from a challenge.

Indeed this is what DJ Allen advises other up-and-coming artists to do. By keeping a positive outlook and making the most out of every chance provided, sooner or later success will definitely come. Especially in the face of an extremely competitive environment where people are always struggling to get under the spotlight, working for quality rather than instant fame is something that will definitely pay off in the long run.” Keep trying and one day you will succeed.”, DJ Allen says. “It is much better to take it slow and steady rather than being known as a one-hit-wonder”. Following his philosophy, DJ Allen can now be seen collaborating with labels such as Global Records and CatMusic, and has already made himself a household name in Romania.

At present DJ Allen also acts as an influencer in his own right. With the type of glamorous yet down-to-earth personality, he embodies DJ Allen is quite a favorite on social media platforms such as Instagram where he has almost 17 thousand followers. Many of his posts are about the clubs and events he DJs at which gives a glimpse into the music style and entertainment level DJ Allen provides. It is no wonder why DJ Allen is a national favorite, and you can support him too by following his social media profiles linked below:





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