DJ ALBNAJ refines his blueprint for 2022

January 24, 2022 0
DJ-ALBNAJ-refines-his-blueprint-for-2022 DJ ALBNAJ refines his blueprint for 2022

Photo Credit: DJ ALBNAJ @albnaj

The beauty of tunnel vision  

Sometimes in life, everyone will tell you what to say, do, love, and what to commit to. Listening to the advice or insights of friends, family, and social media is a perplexing maze to navigate. Searching for the light of direction and proclamation in life comes at the highest price. Dreams and visions are intimidating, frightening, aspirational, and life-changing.   

Having an idea is a small piece of the puzzle. Masterminding the process to execution is called manifestation. Creating tunnel vision means blocking out noise, personal feelings, other people’s words, and living life without boundaries.   

Understanding the price of destiny enables a person to fly their plane higher or land it. Seeing beyond the clouds and turbulence requires a pilot with tunnel vision.   

DJ ALBNAJ understands his blueprint for success in 2022  

DJ ALBNAJ’s music career reflects his undeniable tenacity, unshakeable focus, and creative genius. DJ ALBNAJ’s music catalog and production highlight his diverse skillset and ability to engineer distinct sounds and compositions. 

DJ ALBNAJ’s body of work is extensive and decorated with an abundance of critical acclaim. DJ ALBNAJ’s music continues to receive adulation and worldwide endorsements from FM Radio programmers, social media influencers, blogs, and upper echelon tastemakers.  

His music brand includes TV/Film, music production, and global merchandising. Starting in 2022, DJ ALBNAJ’s chief focus remains increasing his digital footprint and securing the bag.   

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