JD Smith’s new venture is helping artist’s take their music to another level

May 8, 2022 0

94CC6E05-287B-49D2-AC19-8D434769733A-500x500 JD Smith's new venture is helping artist's take their music to another level

Jerrod Smith better known as JD Smith is a 33-year-old music artist that has started helping people by having a credible source to validate and convey who they are and give notability.

His venture offers a full array of services that help clients with digital marketing, brand management, creating media outreach programs, developing media strategy, social verification, and other marketing services.

As a music artist, it was hard for JD Smith to take his music to another level without the proper knowledge of understanding of how marketing and numbers worked. His platform helps those that want to elevate their passion to the next level, without the hoops and frustration of figuring it out on their own.

JD Smith had started his journey of entrepreneurship around the age of 15, but most recently started his brand outside of music in 2019.

The artist got into this space trying to market his own music and ended up networking with a group of individuals that led him to another group of individuals that were able to teach him the tools that he needed to take his own music, brand/brands and or business numbers to the next level.

His future plans are to be one of the go-to guys in the industry for people that want or need help pushing their vision. Explaining further, his short-term goals would be to establish a way bigger presence in the industry space than being behind the scenes often, and the long-term goal would be to have one of the biggest agencies to help aspiring individuals reach their full potential.

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