An Inside Look into Chuck Smith’s Incredible Journey in Music

May 19, 2022 0
Z An Inside Look into Chuck Smith’s Incredible Journey in Music

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” – Tim Notke

Hard work is perhaps the most fool-proof way to find success in all career fields, and the music industry is no exception. To be unique in this extremely saturated palace, an artist has to be distinct in their style. Chuck Smith, the renowned singer, songwriter, and guitarist, was a newbie in the industry who managed to climb up the stairs of success by honing his craft. Popularly known by his stage name Stray Deuce, Chuck’s music has quickly set him apart from other artists in the industry because of his storytelling style. He is not one of those musicians who just create soul-soothing rhythms; his lyrics are equally alluring and resonate with the listener.

Chuck Smith moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for music. Initially, he was focused only on the managerial side of the music industry, but things changed as he connected with a well-known person in the industry within his first 18 months in LA. This person immediately recognized his talent and offered to invest in recording a 4-song demo with some of Chuck’s selected studio musicians. Soon after the tape dropped, Chuck signed a record contract with Motown both as singer and songwriter. The tune that Chuck co-wrote with another artist at the label eventually became the title track of one of Diana Ross’ albums. This marked the beginning of his rocking career in the music industry, and since then, Chuck has never looked back.

To date, Chuck has worked with many prominent names in the music industry, such as Lee Ritenour, Paul Williams, Johnny Rivers, and more. He has played with Willie’s Nerve Clinic and formed a band with bass icon Dirk Lance, a founding member of the multi-platinum band Incubus. Under his stage name Stray Deuce, Chuck has performed countless live shows and events across the US and even abroad. He has received the Clio Award in honor of the music he wrote for a series of radio commercials. He has also composed a techno-funk score for Planet Fashion in London.

Chuck’s songs “Billie Sings,” “Trash Mars,” and “Lockdown Daze” show his caliber as an artist. These songs tell a story where listeners not only enjoy the tune but also pay attention to the lyrics. They are timely, groovy, and engaging and highlight certain issues or topics that deserve attention. Chuck wonderfully combines humor and a message in his songs that instantly grabs the listener’s attention. His elements of funk and aggressive style of music have helped him distinguish himself in this extremely competitive industry.

Besides creating music and writing songs, Chuck also conducts workshops and offers music classes. He has trained many rising artists in the music industry. His list of students includes a few contestants on American Idol. He loves to share his knowledge of the history of rock and roll, the evolution of songwriting, and vocal technicalities to welcome more aspiring, unique talents to the music industry. He is a master of bottleneck slides, funk rhythms, the use of effects, and soloing. Now he wants to pass his own knowledge to the next generation of artists.

Even after a series of accomplishments in the later stage of his career, Check nourishes the dream of getting Billie Eilish to listen to his song. He wants to ignite nightclubs with his songs “Lockdown Daze” or “Trash Mars,” making people move to his tunes. With a list of goals to be fulfilled, Chuck wants to continue making meaningful music in the coming years, spreading a strong message across the world with his melodies.

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