DJ Don Nova Announces Deluxe Album and Talks Plans to Liven Up the Music Scene

March 28, 2022 0

Over the past decades, success has taken on different faces. No longer measured in numbers, it is also a dream that even people who weren’t born to a silver platter can set their eyes on and work toward. More importantly, there have been changes in perspective about what constitutes9DF3F748-DD5C-4C1F-BBB7-D7DA232912C3-411x500 DJ Don Nova Announces Deluxe Album and Talks Plans to Liven Up the Music Scene success and how to get there, with people accepting the fact that landing a career as a lawyer, doctor, or entrepreneur isn’t the sole option. Spurred on by this paradigm shift and fueled by their deep-seated interest for their craft, countless go-getters like
DJ Don Nova have pursued their passion without fear of judgment.

Born Donald Noble, this multi-talented American artist originally hailing from Queens, New York, is among the must-watch forces in today’s music scene. His rise through the ranks is thanks not only to his arsenal of skills and distinctive artistry but can be credited, as well, to the long-held love he holds for music. 

From the get-go, DJ Don Nova has demonstrated an affinity toward rhythms and beats. At a young age, he showed the promise to someday become a name in the world of music, a potential that his mother took note of and helped maximize by pushing him in the right direction. So, it wasn’t a surprise when he eventually started carving a path toward the forefront of an industry known for its saturated and cutthroat nature. 

DJ Don Nova has reached greateights since he first started playing around with beats, pushing his career to the next level with every project release. Even while exploring new fields to dip his toes into, he continues to master his craft and sharpen his skills at manipulating sounds. So far, this multifaceted personality has impressed industry peers and fans alike with his DJing, fashion style, entrepreneurial acumen, and more. 

With plans to liven up 2022 and electrify more crowds, DJ Don Nova is excited to announce the remake of his 2021 album, the release of which follows the commercial success of the original project.

“After it was received with good ratings and reviews, and creators and artists alike spoke up about wanting to be a part of the next one, what better way to revive the feeling than to release a deluxe version,” shared the talented DJ.

Aiming to bring light to new creators this year through this highly anticipated project, DJ Don Nova will feature a roster of budding artists from around the globe. The new album is also set to serve as a lead-up to his upcoming drop, an electronic project designed to highlight his creativity and showcase his brand as a musician. 

During the past two years, DJ Don Nova has wielded the challenging circumstances caused by the pandemic to his advantage, taking the time to flex his creative muscles. He looks forward to unveiling all of the projects he’s slated for release in the months to come. 


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