Drozdov, an artist, who revives hip-hop style

May 20, 2022 0

2Q== Drozdov, an artist, who revives hip-hop style

Ukrainian-born young hip-hop artist Vladimir Drozdov conquers the audience with his music

Music is the best way to bring people together and one of the most effective ways to communicate. Music does not know religions, does not notice the difference in languages. But it feels the rhythm of the heartbeat, allows you to share experiences, feelings and emotions with millions of people on the planet.

There are a huge number of musical genres in the world, and rap is considered to be the most suitable genre for sharing a story in a song. Each new musician brings something new to this genre. Vladimir Drozdov is one of those young musicians who in our time is reviving hip-hop and telling stories that resonate with people all over the world.

Thirty-year-old Vladimir Drozdov is originally from Ukraine, but has been successfully working in California for many years. In America, he became known for his work in contemporary art, and more specifically in the field of tattoos and art objects. He has already become one of the most famous tattoo artists in California. His art objects of contemporary art are always bright, original and invariably attract the attention of young people.

Vladimir liked hip-hop all his life, listened to Post Malone, Travis Scott, Young Thug, as well as Junior Choi, Swae Lee. And now the musician strives to reach the level of his favorite performers and surpass them.

Drozdov traveled a lot, met different people, and now with his team in California and Asia, together he writes unique music that combines all styles and genres of hip-hop. His works conquer people with their unique sound and unusual rhythm. “ЯD”, one of their first joint projects, was recorded on the island and became a new round in the revival. Fans of Drozdov’s work describe this music as a vibe that shows life as it is.

The following musical compositions “Run” and “Usd” also did not leave the listeners indifferent. After the presentation of the works, Drozdov immediately received an offer to work together from an already established musician. Vladimir has no doubts about success, although for him this is the first project of such a high level in the musical field.

The musician does not share his plans for the future. According to Drozdov himself, he has “too much work in the present.” Now the artist is actively and successfully developing in the musical field, the first steps have already brought him popularity and love of the public.

In his songs, Drozdov talks about himself, about his thoughts and feelings. He does not look at the world through rose-colored glasses, but perceives life as it is. The musician owes his success to his perseverance and willpower. It is these qualities, including a positive outlook on life, that attract more and more fans to him.

Drozdov is one of those people who are changing the world. Each of his works, each project brings something new, bright, unusual to the world. The world does not stand still, and it is such talented people as Drozdov who move this world forward.

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