Fans can’t get enough of Andreas Szakacs’s “Absurb”

January 26, 2022 0

6878DD7F-DE2D-4D56-83CC-BDA3ED8AABD7-400x500 Fans can’t get enough of Andreas Szakacs’s “Absurb”

“Absurb” has broken streaming records since its release. The song is credited with launching Andreas’ career. As a result, it’s tough not to be blown away by his skills.

Andreas’ most recent EP has three songs. All three tunes elicit strong emotional responses from the listener. Given the captivating music, it’s no surprise that you’ll want to listen to each song again and again. You may also determine the quality of a singer’s songs by listening to them frequently.

Andreas’ greatest gift is his ability to blend a wide range of sounds into a lovely song. That harmony can be heard in his new song “Absurb,” where everything is set up in a way that makes you feel at ease.

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