How Things Have Changed for Scottish Producer Louis Seivwright

July 6, 2022 0

unnamed-2022-07-05T222434.922-386x500 How Things Have Changed for Scottish Producer Louis Seivwright

The past year has been an eventful one for Scottish producer Louis Seivwright. After successfully releasing his debut album in 2021, he’s back with a new, genre-bending album, Wonderland. Ahead of its official release later in the year, Louis has dropped the album’s title track, and the fans are already buzzing with excitement. Different reviewers have praised the song for its emotional depth and ability to connect with the listeners. Louis himself admits this new album is his best work yet and adds that it’s proof of how much growth and change can happen in a single year. Wonderland is a departure from the rap-oriented style of his previous work and instead showcases a remarkable ability to weave together different genres into one cohesive release.

“With Wonderland, I can’t explain how excited I am for people to hear it,” says Louis. “It’s definitely the best work I’ve ever created, creatively, sonically, in every way.” According to Louis, Wonderland is a real body of work rather than a bunch of tracks thrown together. “It’s a real emotional rollercoaster,” he says. “I feel like I’m finally making the music that I want to make. My growth as an artist/producer has changed drastically since starting this album.” Learning how to meld different styles of music into something new and exciting isn’t the only thing that’s happened in the last 12 months.

Following the success of his debut album, opportunities have opened up for Louis and given him the platform to work on several high-profile projects. His songs have received over 35 airplays across different BBC stations, and two tracks even received “Track of the Week.” Also, Louis was asked to orchestrate a new mini-documentary on the Scotland-based “TUNE” a few months ago. Even more recently, DJ Target used Louis’s instrumentals in his new BBC 3 show, “Tonight with Target.” Opportunity seems to be seriously seeking Louis out, and that has, in fact, been one contributing factor to the different approach to his music this time around.

In a recent interview, Louis admitted that the new album feels like an even more personal exploration of himself and his sound than before. “It’s about being trapped in different types of fear, whether it be fear of losing creativity, self-worth, or self-doubt and having to deal with it yourself, then realizing that you can escape to your own wonderland to not have to deal with it.” To Louis, his idea of wonderland has always been making music and losing himself in it so much that he’s not aware of anything else happening in his life except for that moment. By defying genre boundaries, Louis is challenging his creativity and proving he’s got what it takes to create a revolutionary sound that will change the music industry big time.

Louis’s creativity was also improved by his move to Glasgow. “As a creative person, you can find yourself in almost a slump if you’re constantly in the same environment, surrounded by the same people,” he says. “Taking yourself out of a situation is incredibly beneficial to motivation. Everything I make is purely emotional based on what I’m feeling in the moment.” Louis is excited about what is happening in his life and is sure the future can only get better. “It’s been a very fast-paced year, but I have no plans of slowing down,” he adds. From new music to bigger collaborations and projects, the sky’s the limit for Louis.

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