Kenny Brooks Shares His Story With Millions of Fans Through Music

June 29, 2022 0

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Kenny Brooks was born in Detroit, Michigan but moved to California for work at a tender age due to the extreme poverty they faced in the family. Unluckily, he was kidnapped by native Americans of Indian origin while in the line of duty, making his usual door-to-door sales in Helmet, California. One day, his colleague worked on an Indian Reservation called Soboba and made very good sales. Kenny followed him the next day, hoping to make a kill too, but little did he know it would be the longest day of his life. Racism was the order of the day!

At the first home he approached, a guy was washing a truck outside, and Kenny thought it would be an easy sale. Unfortunately, he got rejected, which was the norm for the next few houses he visited. Not giving up, Kenny decided to knock on a door despite being rejected. He could hear a man’s voice yelling from inside, “Oh, I got something for him, this mother fucker hardheaded.” A lady opened the door for him, Kenny, oblivious of what was going on, walked in; she bought a piece of the products and warned him to make the sales in a different neighborhood as Soboba was unsafe.

Kenny got nervous and called his manager to pick him up as he walked out of the lady’s porch. Voila! All the guys he had met earlier were there! The one cleaning his track approached him and asked why he was in the area. Kenny explained what products he was selling and handed him the brochure. The guy went through the pamphlet, yelled harsh words to Kenny, threw it on the ground, and drove off. Kenny hurriedly pulled out his phone and called his manager to explain how bad the situation was and that he needed to pick him up within the shortest time possible. As he got off the phone, 4-5 guys on motorbikes and 4-wheelers approached him again. 

“The same guy that threw my brochure earlier approached me again and apologized for the earlier deed. He said he wasn’t a racist, and he only simply disliked having black people around, owing to his father’s demise at the hands of a black person.” asserts Kenny. Before Kenny could make sense of the situation, things turned around! These guys tortured and even threatened him with Mohegan’s sword when he tried to escape.

The worst was yet to happen. The truck being cleaned earlier pulled up, and the same guy opened the door and threatened him to get in at gunpoint. Coincidentally, unmarked police officers rode up the street, and the guys pulled off in different directions. The police rescued Kenny, and all the five guys were arrested and arraigned in court.  

Kenny quit the door-to-door job and flew back home to Detroit. Not knowing how to express his fear and anger afterward, he wrote a comedic song about the whole experience, and everyone laughed about it. Kenny compares himself to Lil Dicky. “I’m like the black Lil Dicky but funnier!” 

Kenny hopes to appear in big music videos on Vevo MTV or VH1. He also aspires to be the world’s biggest rapper, be on the big screen, and get his acting debut.


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