Natalie Ziadeh Created Music to Help Others 

May 24, 2022 0

This-is-50-Hip-Hop-Since-1987 Natalie Ziadeh Created Music to Help Others 

Born in Houston, Texas, on February 24, 1999, Natlie Ziadeh is a natural musician, coming from a family of them. Her hobbies include playing the violin, enjoying classical music, baking, and Pilates. Her passion, however, is the violin. Academically, Natalie Ziadeh is currently a graduate student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She graduated in August of 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Texas A&M University, and she plans to get her PhD in either Clinical Psychology or Behavioral Analysis. As a future doctor of psychology, she plans to utilize the power of music to promote mental health for both neurodivergent and neurotypical individuals.

Natalie grew up in a house filled with music, and with a family that finds value in music. Her grandfather, for example, not only played the piano but also played the Arabic oud (an instrument that resembles a guitar or lute) and the Arabic Qanun (a triangle-shaped, harp-like instrument played lying down rather than standing up). Ziadeh reports that her family always attends concerts as often as possible, and they frequently have classical music filling their home or their car speakers.

Natalie is a musical prodigy who sang and played the piano at her church as a young child and who discovered a love for the violin in middle school. She competed at the regional level by the age of thirteen and so on. By the time she reached college, the violin was not a hobby but a significantly important part of her own mental health. The violin helps her deal with the stresses of college, helping her relax and feel centered. She studies with air pods in her ears, playing the acclaimed symphonies of classical music to help her focus and give her peace of mind. 

Natalie Ziadeh took to producing her own music, which combines classical music, played on instruments such as the violin, viola, and flutes, with lo-fi beats added using percussion and the electric piano. Lo-fi music is relaxing and helps stimulate the mind, foster creativity in individuals, and truly nurtures mental health. Her array of talent and sounds are showcased on her Spotify. Natalie Ziadeh dropped her album Serenity, featuring acclaimed and verified musical artist, Hanzo. Her album quickly skyrocketed to reach a count of 20,000 monthly listeners, and has close to 50,000 streams in its first month. Her personal journey is also showcased through her social media profiles, particularly Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Her love and passion for music will continue to grow and become evident. According to Ziadeh, “I am hoping that the music I put out can help soothe individuals coping with the daily stressors of school and life.”

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