What You Can Learn From Renowned Artist DJ Beyond

June 28, 2022 0

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Building a successful career in the music industry is not easy. There are many challenges, from tough competition to even discrimination. In addition, some artists lack the proper resources to promote their work, making it almost impossible to establish their place. While some of these situations we have zero control over, others can be avoided by learning from people who have walked a similar path like DJ Beyond.

Popularly known as DJ Beyond, Damian Perez has been in the music industry for 20+ years, winning several awards, including the Best Blend DJ by Urban Mixx Awards. He has also worked with top brands such as Diesel, Bebe, Puma, Pepsi, and other organizations, among them the UN. DJ Beyond is the official DJ at all the West Indian-American Day carnivals and New York City Pride parades.

According to DJ Beyond, the secret to succeeding in the industry is to give it your all. He explains that, like any other venture, a career as a DJ is not a walk in the park, and there are many obstacles. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to build a thriving profession. DJ Beyond notes that it all depends on your approach and determination. 

“You never know who is watching, and by giving it your all in every performance, you leave the door open,” says DJ Beyond. “One day somebody may recognize you for your incredible work.”

DJ Beyond also notes the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals and building your network. He explains that this will help you grow your reach, creating room for more opportunities.

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