Why Do People Love Vicfamous’s Music

June 27, 2022 0

hhhh-500x500 Why Do People Love Vicfamous’s Music
Victor Hugo Hernandez Bitter is the composer of hit songs like Ardiendo and Animal Print. Finding it hard to believe? Maybe because he is also known as Vicfamous. Many people don’t know the real name of this famous musician from Puerto Ordaz, Bolivar state, Venezuela. He decided to move to the United States in 2021 to learn more about music. His fans have high expectations from him, having already delivered back-to-back hits with more than 300 thousand streams on Spotify. But what makes his songs stand out? Let’s find out.

Vicfamous’s process of creating music

According to Vicfamous, it’s the organic nature of his music that he thinks makes his songs stand out. He said, “I have a very organic process of creating music. I’m not the type who sits down and plans everything out. I like to let the music flow naturally. I’ll come up with a melody or a beat and then freestyle over it until the song takes shape.” This organic approach to songwriting has gained him a loyal following among hip hop and R&B fans. His songs are often lauded for their hypnotic beats, soulful melodies, and honest lyrics. In a genre that is often underrated, Vicfamous offers a refreshing change of pace with his authentic style.
Working with Maka286
Maka286 was a former neighbor of Vicfamous in Puerto Ordaz. The duo had been making music from a young age. Vicfamous said, “Maka286 plays a big role in what I am today. We started making music when we were teenagers. I remember we used to freestyle and battle each other all the time. We would always have these little competitions to see who could come up with the dopest rhyme or punchline. While I played the drum, it was Maka286 who gave the beats. Playing as a team was fun. It taught us how to be creative and always push each other to be better.”

He also said that swag sets his songs apart from other musicians. “I feel like a lot of people try to be something that they’re not, or they try to bite other people’s styles,” he said. “They have all these different types of songs and don’t have their sound. My music is just me being myself and having fun with it.”

Connect with Vicfamous
With thousands of streams on Spotify and subscribers on his YouTube channel, it is safe to say that Vicfamous has finally arrived in the music industry. His fans are waiting eagerly for his next release, and he has even set a date for his next song. He said he would release “Háblame Claro” on the 20th of June. He is this song’s sole composer, producer, and performer, and the announcement has made his followers look forward to the new release.

If you want to listen to some of his old songs, you can go to his YouTube channel and check out the song “Prepago,” one of his earliest creations. You can also follow his Instagram handle or listen to his songs on Spotify.

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