Why Lion Pack Music Group Founder IMMPAACC Wants to Sign More Artists

January 21, 2022 0

ezgif-2-51de216b12-500x498 Why Lion Pack Music Group Founder IMMPAACC Wants to Sign More Artists


Nate Jolley, or IMMPAAC as he’s popularly known, is one of the top music producers in the industry. He shares vast experience producing and working with top musical talents such as Mya, Fifth Harmony, French Montana, Chante Moore, and many others. Many artists and brands want to work with him because of his unique and creative mindset that brings the best out of each and every artist he works with.

IMMPAAC is the founder of Lion Pack Music Group, an established record label in the country. He founded the label out of his passion for music production and desire to spread love and light through music. Since its establishment, Lion Pack Music Group has served the industry with hit after hit, setting new musical records.

The Washington DC-born producer found his passion and way into the music scene at a young age. He loved to sing and write his own music that he would later perform in front of his friends. The hobby turned into a passion, and by 13, IMMPAAC performed on his first-ever tour. This was a jazz ensemble where he got the privilege to open up for the legendary musician Herbie Hancock in Cuba. Such an experience at a young age motivated him to continue working hard with the dream of becoming one of the greats in the music scene.

And with hard work, determination, and persistence, IMMPAAC has grown to witness his music dream come true. He is not only the owner of a top record label but also a sought-after producer. Aside from working with other artists, IMMPAAC composed music for the Emmy award-winning film, The Rehearsal. This was an incredible experience for him, giving him the experience of working on a slightly different project than he usually does. IMMPAAC also received a Stella nomination for his work on Kenny Lattimore’s A Kenny Lattimore Christmas. These are just some of his notable career highlights, along with many others.

An established artist, IMMPAAC has now focused on empowering young, up-and-coming talents to find success in the industry. He wants to sign more artists to his music company and hopefully provide them with the necessities to reach their goals. According to him, young artists are the next big names in the music scene, and he wants to nurture and guide them on the right path to success.

Music can be a tough path to pursue, especially if you don’t have a mentor or someone to coach and guide you. There are many challenges and hurdles, especially in the early days, some of which might knock some highly talented artists off their paths. IMMPAAC wants to empower such artists to never give up and, more significantly, on how to best stay focused amidst all the industry noise. He believes in God before anything else and also in never giving up on your dreams.

Look out for an EP from 12-year-old Carson Ferris and the new single “Porsche” by social media influencer Runik as an exclusive NFT in partnership with Basscube to get a glimpse at what IMMPAAC and Lion Pack Music Group have to offer.

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