Chris Brown's Laptop

June 16, 2008 0

cbg2 Chris Brown's Laptop
First of I would like to say I want a MacBook or an Apple desktop so bad. Either one will do. Im still on my great Sony Vaio laptop that I received as a high school graduation gift back in 2005. I have already decided its time to make my move to Apple in July so I can get the new iPhone. But to get a new computer or laptop would be the icing on the cake for me this summer.
mac3 Chris Brown's Laptop
mac Chris Brown's Laptop
mac1 Chris Brown's Laptop
When I seen this I went crazy. Not only is it a Mac but its the MacBook Air, you know the one so tiny it fits into a folder but doesnt have a cd drive. So no burning cds for me. But hey I would take an all gold one with an iced out Apple symbol anyday. Gold laptops, ATV’s with rims, I mean Chris Brown is picking away some of my dreams one by one.

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