The Wire is Now Over?

March 10, 2008 0

wire08_19_500 The Wire is Now Over?
Well the wire is now over and I’m not a big fan of season 5. I think altogether, the entire show was great. I think the show went wrong when it made Marlo the top drug dealer. Avon was the top boss who we the fans grew on from the very first episode.
Not to hate on Marlo he was great as well. Snoop and Chris were great for the show, to me they were better muscle then Avon’s muscle. Snoop was a fan favorite and Chris was straight hood.

The one thing I don’t favor in season 5 is the way Omar was killed. Maybe they had no more use for him since I heard on ABC world news yesterday he wasn’t suppose to go past the first few episodes in season one but he was a fan favorite and was carried from season to season. The fact he got killed by little Kenard was like dam, they had to show how easy it is was someone can get killed.

The ending?
The ending was horrible. Marlo gets off, The Mayor becomes the Governor, and the two best police aren’t cops any more because Kima snitched. I was expecting something with Avon walking out of jail and Marlo walking in. Not Marlo saying I’m selling the connect for $10 mill, then walks out an upscale party to go beat up the local corner boys to see if he still got it. They could of even went with Michael killing Marlo in the last episode. Instead, Michael becomes the new Omar. The whole thing with Council Preside Nerese Campbell being the next Mayor was crazy. And she had the Chief of staff Michael being her little flunky and sly guy. Marlo doesn’t get locked up because of an illegal wire tap?

Why did we have the newspaper addition to season 5?
I liked it a lot but when the guy Scott you loved to hate never got fired in the end it all seemed pointless. Do news writers really taint the news so they can one day work for the New York Times?

Wire in Philly?
I think this whole season just showed how corrupt the mayor office, lawyers, newspaper staff, hustlers and cops can be. Shit our last mayor, John Street was corrupt, and when he left office so did the Police commissioner. The you have the biggest drug dealer of our city getting arrested Ace Capone, a record label CEO as well as someone who made millions of cocaine in the city. I even heard that my city Mayor Nutter (Philly) had a screening of the last episode with a few cast members at city hall. Maybe he is try to talk to HBO to see if Philly can get an Wire like show based in Philadelphia. I mean Philly for the next Wire like show wouldn’t be bad, we do over more murders then days in a year. South Philly has the Italians who could be the connect man, you can get someone like Beans, Freeway, Gillie, Oschino, or any Philly rapper to play in the show. I really think the Wire Philly would be a nice idea.

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