50 Cent breaks into own Rolls Royce while filming movie in London

December 7, 2008 0

50 Cent and his entourage of over fifteen rolled into London this past week for filming on his next movie Dead Man Running. In the movie, Curtis plays a notorious loan shark by the name of Thigo who rules the London underground. He targets a man who must pay him $150K or else that guy becomes a “dead man running.”

Problems started though when 50 drove up to his hotel in a Rolls Royce while a stretch Hummer carried his entourage. When 50 exited the Rolls he apparently locked his keys in the car. Rather than call the rental company or even the Rolls dealer who probably would have driven right over, his entourage handled the problem the best way they know how…pick the lock with a coat hanger. But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words…so see it all here for yourself.


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