Lupe Fiasco Product (RED) Converse Chuck Taylors

March 26, 2008 0

Before life got super crazy for a “cool young Lu”, Lupe Fiasco inked an interesting deal with Reebok though he was quoted many times (including the launch of the Reebok shoe) that his favorite kicks were the John Lennon “Imagine” Converse Chuck Taylors. Though at the time on team RBK, Lupe wore Chuck Taylors on the cover of his debut album “Food and Liquor”.

Earlier this month, Lupe Fiasco provided entertainment at the release party of the Dr. Romanelli’s x Converse Product (RED) creation wearing a pair of Chucks that generated some quick internet buzz on Supertouch. Complex was able to score a pair of the Lupe Fiasco x Converse Product (red) Chuck Taylors that currently are not slated for public release.

Nice Kicks

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