Lazy Jordan Via @EPolkComedy

May 17, 2011 0

20110516-093000 Lazy Jordan Via @EPolkComedy

I can’t call these guys lazy when they are putting out work like this. Are you kidding me.

While everyone else plays tennis with the thought of what is the greatest Jordan ever made. One company takes it to the next level by showing us what they think is the better of the crop, LAZYDESIGN was accredited to do this design for someone who’s identity is unknown. But clearly the put a lot of thought into it. Take notice on how the designer fuses the Jordan IV with Kobe Bryant. As if to say these two should be mentioned in the same breath. Not after the way the Lakers went out in the playoffs this year. UmUm…Not up in here! This amazes me on all accounts thinking they chosen the Jordan IV due in part of that being the one Jordan that Phil Jackson was seen wearing on the side line during the third round of the “1989 NBA Playoff’s”. Wait let me think about it……Nah I don’t believe that they are that erudite of a company to realized what they were doing. However I think the couturiers at LAZYDESIGN have the flu,west nile, or something because these sneakers are is dumb sick. To check out more of there products go to

20110516-093019 Lazy Jordan Via @EPolkComedy

20110516-093041 Lazy Jordan Via @EPolkComedy

20110516-093055 Lazy Jordan Via @EPolkComedy

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20110516-093118 Lazy Jordan Via @EPolkComedy

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