Quilly Millz – New Wave 2 (Mixtape)

January 3, 2011 80

Download Here

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  • Brandon

    can you send me the mixtape..
    i cant find it.
    [email protected]

    • bwyche822

      Imma post it next week

    • bwyche822

      Imma post it next week fam

  • Rell

    Yo i’m not in philly so I can’t buy this…i’ll paypal u the money if you’ll upload it and e-mail me the link…

    • bwyche822

      I cant post it til next week fam

  • bulll

    live in philly n been trynna find this shit. send me a link bol

  • Khalid

    Can u upload and send the file to me and where can i buy the Cd too

    • bwyche822

      all the mixtape adn record stores in Philly. if not just wait til next week for me to post it

  • Khalid
  • CAB II

    do franklin mills got it. i no they normally have shit besides uptown. lemme know or post the # so i can call the stand.


    i have New wave 2. ill upload it im taking paypal offers. hit me up. [email protected]

    • bwyche822

      I got it too. It will be posted next week after his fans go cop up in stores first.

  • quill
  • wave rider

    post that shit now please im in iraq right now serving our
    contry me and my dudes here need some new shit we have no way of
    gettin this mixtape cant wait any longer im born and raised philly
    215! email me link please or somewere to get the mixtape off

    • bwyche822

      Next week it will be posted

  • Jay

    What day will you be uploading this to your site

    • bwyche822

      Next Monday

  • frankgeez

    u should post that jawn now

  • damn i cant wait for the link, i dont live in philly but if i did i would cop it

  • ImTheMan

    post that jawn early monday morning, like 6 am lol. So i can listen to it in school!

    • Taylors

      lol rite… post that jawn early

  • yo post that jawn now fam i nees it i leave for a game in
    florridia tomm and im tryin to listen to it durin warm ups i play
    college footbball

  • beeasy

    yo is that NW2 ON ITUNES CUZ I CANT FOUND IT???

  • therock

    Around what time will it be uploaded monday??

  • this shit needs to go up asap alot of his fans don’t just
    live in philly, I understand niggas tryna sell they shit n make
    money but not all of us live in philly to go to the store n cop

  • Post it

    Post That SHit Nowwwwwwwwwww IST FUCKING MONDAY NIGGAS

    • bwyche822

      Imma leak another song off the New Wave 2 today

  • Post That Fucking Shit!


    • bwyche822

      Quilly told me not to post it yet. Sorry y’all

      • Tayors

        Mann wat the fuck???
        wen you goin post this…

    • bwyche822

      As yall can see, I just recently did an interview with him last week. But one of y’all can email for more details on the autographed hard copied of the New Wave 2.

  • damn man I was lookin forward to that shit man… I wanna buy it but I don’t live in philly, how you gon get a bigger fanbase if you only sell it in philly

  • frankgeez

    that bitch ass nigga thats why ar-ab fucked him up lol

  • since I gotta wait on this.. Can anybody help me, what’s the top 5 classic mixtapes coming out of philly, from any philly artists, in ya opinon

  • lou

    So when will it really be on the site??

    • bwyche822

      I don’t know if I see another blog post it then imma post it

  • meek millz has a new mixtape boss status cop that its everywhere he realy puttin on for philly

  • frankgeez

    stop bitchin and post it u not the only one with the mixtape what he gone do too u

    • bwyche822

      I’m trying to create a site that artist would want to support. Im not going to do him wrong like that, because he cool peoples.

  • niggas treatin mixtapes like albums now smh

  • jtizzy

    im trynna buy this online. how can i ?

    • bwyche822

      send me $5 via paypal

    • bwyche822

      whats ya email so I can send you the paypal link

      • jtizzy
        • bwyche822

          Check ya email

          • jtizzy

            i sent u da 5 jus waitin on you to send the download

          • bwyche822

            I sent the link did u get it?

      • jtizzy

        wassup ?…did u send da link yet ?

      • jtizzy

        yo send dat paypal link asap !

  • frankgeez

    i kno rite this not no fuckin album boi just a bitck smh ctfu

  • James

    Can you send me the paypal link [email protected]

  • get meek millz fuck quilly

    • Tayors

      where the meek at???
      in quill put dis link on.

  • TayorGang

    send me the paypal link… [email protected]

  • ya sister

    stop being a dick head and post the link nigga….damm its always a asshole i swear…smh

    • bwyche822

      I will chill out

  • FRAUD!!!

  • quilly dont even know u nigga he dont give a fuk bout u post the link for i shut this site down nigga i know some hackers

  • jake

    when u posting the link people losing intrest everyday its not on here just post the link

    • yyea like everyday you dont post the link is another day somebody downloaD MEEK mill boss status on datpif.com

  • frankgeez

    rite come on boi u said monday its Wednesday just post the link and then delete it when people from here download it

  • trey

    when is the link going back up

  • ur a fucking sucker how da fuck you gon say it posted and den put the link to the mixtape that says download and den it has quily saying on twitter naw they gotta pay for it, like dats a crab ass move, you should of just posted what he said on twitter instead of makin niggas think you posted the tape up, that’s some sucker shit smh…

  • jake

    so you really never posted it smh when will you really post it or now you gotta buy it

  • bwyche822

    who link u think that is

  • U.P.T. 67 ave

    Damm good looking PhillyBoulFlamez!!

  • parkavejimmy
  • hh

    post the download you bitch