Chris Brown & Odd Future Beef Yesterday (Recap) For Those Who Missed It

June 18, 2011 0

Chris Brown and OFWGKTA continue their feud with Frank Ocean saying Chris Brown reminds him of “a young Sisqo or Ike Turner.” The Game intervenes as a peacemaker.

A feud was sparked yesterday when Chris Brown compared Odd Future associate Frank Ocean to James Fauntleroy and Kevin Cossum. Taking this as an “underhanded compliment,” Ocean responded with a Twitter message of his own. He apparently felt the comparison to Cossum and Fauntleroy wasn’t favorable, though the two acts mentioned have had some success in the music industry.

This sparked angry replies from Brown, who stated that he was only trying to give Ocean a compliment with those comparisons. Brown then went on to speak about Odd Future as a collective, stating that Tyler, The Creator and the other members worship the devil and saying Tyler and Ocean could have been cast members on a Planet of the Apes film.

Tyler, The Creator added his own take on the situation with a few messages to Brown.

Later, The Game intervened, telling all parties involved that the beef route is not a road to take, offering advice from experience. Tyler then responded by thanking Game and saying he was finished with the back-and-forth banter.

This isn’t the first time Tyler and Chris Brown have beefed via Twitter. The two traded shots quite recently over a comment by Brown about music that promotes death and violence. Odd Future members felt he was sending shots their way and responded to him. That small feud ended with Tyler offering to send Chris Brown beats, however sarcastic the offer may have been. will keep you posted as this story develops.

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