Draya (@DrayaFace) Came Back Home To Philly To Party This Weekend (12/4/11)

December 5, 2011 0

As you all may know if you follow me on twitter (@BWyche or @HipHopSince1987) I am in love with Draya. Yes I admit I watch BBW because of her. I never knew she was from Philly until she announced it but anyways, Draya hosted Desean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles bday bash in Philly last night (12/4/11) at the G Lounge. Although I wasn’t in attendance to snap flicks I managed to find some pics of her.

This is Draya on her way to Philly

Once in Philly, Draya went down South Philly to grab a cheesesteak from the late great Geno’s

Draya pulling up to the club

Draya partying

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