@MacMiller Preps Project With @DJJazzyJeff215

March 17, 2011 0

image027 @MacMiller Preps Project With @DJJazzyJeff215

TheWellVersed reports:

“I remember when I was putting seven people in a venue in Pittsburgh and they were laughing me off the stage.”

Before reaching the age of majority, Mac Miller has more fans than the average man. The Pittsburgh rhyme sayer is already having a hell of a 2011 with his selection to XXL’s coveted Freshmen Class and an upcoming tour with Wiz Khalifa.

But it’s a collaborative project with a hip hop pioneer that has the 19-year-old excited these days.
“I haven’t told anybody yet, but me and Jazzy Jeff are about to do a project,” Miller revealed exclusively to TWV on the red carpet at the MTVU Woodie Awards. “Straight hip hop stuff that’ll be coming out in the summer.”

If Miller has his way, Mr. Townes won’t be the only big name on the project. ”We’re trying to get as many pioneers in hip hop involved…I’m excited because this younger generation—I want to give them that. I want them to know who Jazzy Jeff is, who DJ Premier is.”

Hip hop is often thought of as a young man’s game and in an industry that—save for the south—doesn’t always give its pioneers the respect they deserve, Miller loves the idea of being a bridge between a younger generation of fans and the men and women who inspired him to get in the game in the first place.

“I think it’s cool,” he says with a smile. “Everyone is just making music. Whether you’re ten or 40. The Internet makes it possible for them to go back like I did. I wasn’t of age, when I got into hip hop I went and researched guys like Big L. that’s what I want to show my fans. I’ve had fans hit me up and say “I just listened to your shit and I went and listened to A Tribe Called Quest, they’re great!”


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