Sleek Audio Wireless Headphones by 50 Cent

January 5, 2011 2

First off, I know 50 & Dre must be having a beef because this shit aint cool. You my man, and you put me in this industry. YOu hit gold by selling a product (headphones) and after its become successful, I decide to make the same product as well. You still my man though, although your product is my competition. There is no way they can be cool now.

Monster has had great success in the audio consumer space in getting deals with HP and adding celebrity endorsers LeBron James, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Diddy. Sleek has entered the market with a more innovative product than Monster. With this product can 50 Cent strike gold like he did with Vitamin Water? Can this product compete and steal market share from Monster?

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  • jged

    that is dre and jimmy iovine went and get diddy to do buzniss with and 50 and emenem out, and u wonder why 50 want to compete with them, think again 50 and jimmy will never be cool again

  • sfunsy

    50Cent is stealing the Sleek company by sueing them with frivioulous shit. tryin to break them down so he can steal it all for himself. he ain’t no business man he just a damn street punk stealin thief. Sleek has been around for years until this nigga found them out they was doin just fine now he just fuckin them like everyone else he comes in contact with.