Diggy – Fall Down (J. Cole Diss) (Did Diggy Ether J. Cole???)

September 17, 2012 5

Diggy - Fall Down (J. Cole Diss)

After J. Cole took a subliminal shot at Diggy recently at one of his shows, Tyrese responded for Diggy, and then Diggy released “Fall Down” dissing J. Cole.

I thought J stood for Jermaine not Jet Setter, you seen me and shook my hand, copping pleas in person, now u act less than a man, mentioning me in verses, you use to have dreams of my big sister kissing ya, now its nightmares of her lil brother dissin ya, sneak disses and jabs I dont really see the benefit, but I guess you lame enough probably keep you relevant, maybe you should sign with me instead of Mr. Carter, how you mad at me I got a relationship with my father

DOWNLOAD: Diggy – Fall Down (J. Cole Diss)

via The Breakfast Club

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  • Dayum

    I’m a J. Cole fan & I don’t even like Diggy, But Diggy got him tf outta here

    • Brandon Wyche

      Who is his ghostwriter???

  • Ether**


    I don’t this diggy even though I think he nice I’ll give the youngin credit though


    I don’t think that’s diggy. Not to take nothing away from the stuff I heard but j.cole will get at him but it wouldn’t prove much