Highway 420 Starring Lil Duval & Devin the Dude Premieres in ATL TONIGHT!

October 13, 2012 0


If you’re in Atlanta for A3C, I suggest you hit up this movie premiere for Highway 420! The cast will blow your mind! Check out the trailer and you’ll understand.

I hit up a good friend of mine to get more insider’s dirt on the movie.  Being that she had a role in the film, it wasn’t too hard to get the juicy details. Check out what she has to say!

Introducing, Elle Capone aka @ItsPonyBaby


“Hey Boo!  It’s Pony Baby! A few things I’d like people to know about me??? I’m a superhuman-spunkadelic -xpaladocius pop star with a humble heart and Iconic swag. I’m from Virginia Beach and I LOVE what I do. Check out music videos and live footage of me performing at http://youtube.com/itsponybaby

I got into “Highway 420” so randomly, the guy scoring the film had been following my music for some years and told Coke Daniel, the director, about me. I’m a pop artist so acting was something I thought would come along once I “got on”. But…. Coke hit me on Facebook and asked if I was an actress of course I said yes, they flew me to L.A, gave me a few lessons with the amazing Phaedra Harris. After a few days in L.A, I auditioned and got the role! Cool right? Yeah, like way rad!

We shot the film in various parts of Georgia, most of my scenes were in Dallas,GA in the middle of bum f*ck nowhere! Devin & Duval did a lot of shooting in Atlanta, we had a BLAST working together!

So in the film I play Marie, she’s a sweet country girl that dreams of moving to the city. I really related to my character, it was pretty much like playing myself….with a Hillbilly accent. Hahaaaa! Marie kicks ass though, her first scene she whips someone with a shotgun! The styling for my character came from my personal style as a Pinup Girl, most of the outfits I wore were my own, so yeah, Marie is def Pony all the way!

This was my first film role I was so excited to be on set I barely slept during the entire 2month production. There were lots of cool people; Devin The Dude, my co-star was a sweetie, Erik Estrada, Gary Owen, and Kelly Coffield play my parents, all vets in the game and were really nice to me nd gave me great advice. Remember Tommy from Martin? I adored him, such a nice man! Debo (Tiny Lister) randomly yelled at me on set made me cry, can you imagine being screamed on by Debo??? Scary as hell!

Highway 420 is the classic stoner film. It’s HILARIOUS and it was just as fun to make as it will be to watch! It will be right there with the “Friday” movies, Cheech & Chong, and “How High” films. I’m excited! It was a blessing to be a part of this film and I look forward to more projects with Coke Daniels!”

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