North Philly Native @PhillyTheBoss – Self Medication (Book Release) (More Info Inside)

December 10, 2012 0

north-phill-native-phillytheboss-self-medication-book-release-more-info-inside-HHS1987-2012 North Philly Native @PhillyTheBoss - Self Medication (Book Release) (More Info Inside)

North Philly Native @PhillyTheBoss releases his first book digitally on 12.18.12 entitled ‘Self Medication’ where he confronts obstacles and issues of the past while assisting readers in the sometimes troubling feat of self reflection. This book is rumored to be the prequel to his forthcoming “Born Rich” novel, which is based on true stories.

Excerpt Below:
I often feel this will all be taken from me one day. I hustled hard to get where I am, and it wasn’t easy, but every hustler I know that still have the benefit of being alive, is doing time now. Is my current life what God wants for me, or is this some cruel joke? Will this be a “He giveth and He can taketh away” type of lesson? I partially feel this way because my grandmother – the woman who raised me, who was the greatest blessing in my life, and who was placed in my life at the right time – was taken from me too soon and while I was going through one of the roughest periods in my life. I have so many questions that my soul needs answered. If she can be taken from me, anything can. I’m a man of faith, but when you already have a man on his knees and you snatch the last thing he had to keep him going, what’s the purpose? What’s his purpose?

That moment activated all my fears – the fear of attachment, commitment, loving something or someone too much. I remember a preacher once telling me, “Our God is a Jealous God.” One thing that ran through my mind after losing my grandma was, “Is he that jealous?”

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